Welcome to the website of Marcel Haag - Songwriter, singer, producer and composer. You'll find new songs here on a regular basis. Mostly in German and English, sometimes in Swiss-German. Mostly for adults, sometimes for children. Marcel knows no boundries when it comes to genres and musical styles. He just writes down what comes to him in those moments of inspiration. Hot or not - that's of no concern to him. It's up to the listener to decide this. Marcel's task consists of writing new songs - again and again. Follow him on his journey into the hights and depths of musical expression.

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Sometimes I delve into subjects that seem to have nothing to do with the demands of the day, but as an artist I have to go where the wind blows me. This time I got lost in a poem I read a long time ago, staying in England for a couple of months back in 1994. The war-poem "Strange Meeting" by Wilfred Owen hit me then with its mixture of horror and tenderness. Owen died in battle 1918, just a week before the armistice that ended World War I. What a pity! And what words he found to express his agony ...

As I bought a poetry book of Owen's works and left it untouched on one of my bookshelves for years, I stumbled over it recently. After finishing the instrumental part of a rather EMD-kind track I was looking for lyrics to go with it. Owen's poem seemed utterly out of place, but I tried it anyway. And somehow I like the contrast between the music and the words.

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